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In recent years a large number of industrial piping solution have been used in the oil and gas industry. While most of these methods are related in some way to traditional welding and bolting techniques, they create a variety of complicated and expensive problems.


This is the reason why positive seal coupling systems are becoming the best choice among companies that need to move corrosive liquids from one location to another. For starters, positive seal coupling systems do not involve welding. For this, pipes are used that have special grooves and can be coupled with the most modern methods.


These are just a few of the reasons industries around the world employ positive seal coupling systems to ensure they are investing in long-term, reliable solutions below are. benefits of industrial piping systems solutions


Improved security and reliability


The main advantage of PSCs is that they are very durable coupling systems. Compared to traditional alternatives, PSCs are much less likely to cause long-term problems.


PSCs have demonstrated 100% load, compression and tensile capacity in accordance with ANSI / ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8 pipe codes and correspond to parts 192/195 of CFR DOT 49 of the It is even interesting that since 1998 no PSCs have failed the corrosion or water exposure test. Also, not a single PSC has been replaced or repaired. These pipe connection systems are extremely reliable for high and low pressure applications.

Reduced project times

Currently, a 6-inch pipe takes approximately 21 days per kilometer to connect to the oil flow line. This program can be significantly reduced by almost 80% by using seal coupling systems. Positive A revised KPI for connecting pipes can only be 3 days per km. This means that the wellheads can be connected much faster, allowing for early oil production.

Reduced life cycle costs

Once delivery and installation are complete, PSCs will incur repair and maintenance costs that are almost negligible. Since 1998, more than 2,000 km of flow lines have been built with a positive seal coupling and no connection has failed or repaired in all these years.



Little or no environmental impact


Traditional welding requires internal repairs to the FBE coating, X-rays, and a team of more than 25 men, plus additional equipment that damages the environment in one way or another. Positive seal coupling systems do not require an X-ray or FBE mosaic and can be supplemented with comparatively smaller devices.


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