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A large number of businesses in Australia have invested money in developing their business website. Usually these businesses are told by their web designer, that the website will help them generate more leads and orders. However, the business will find that the new website does not generate many leads. This is because it does not rank well in search engines. Online experts will inform the business that search engine optimization (SEO) can help increase the leads generated to a great extent, and hiring an seo agency will help. Hence the business would like to find out what do seo agencies do, so that they can choose the right agency.


The SEO agency will optimize the website using onsite and offsite SEO techniques based on search engine quality guidelines, to improve the website ranking in the results of popular search engines like Google, Bing. Online research has indicated that most internet users prefer to use search engines for finding new suppliers of the products or services which they wish to purchase. More than three fourth of these users will only visit the website which is listed in the first page of the search engine results. So more leads and orders will be generated for websites which are listed on the first page of search engines.


The seo agency will first check the existing ranking of the business website in search engines, and also check the seo techniques used by its competitors who may have a better ranking. Then based on the information available, it will determine the high traffic keywords for the services and products which the business is selling. One of the main onsite seo techniques is reviewing the existing content of the business website, to add more content relevant to the services/products which are being sold. The content will also contain the keywords which potential customers are using.

The search engines are also ranking the website, based on other parameters like the website loading time and site navigation. The seo agency will also check these parameters for their client website, and make the necessary changes to improve these parameters. Though search engines often do not openly acknowledge it, the number of backlinks for a website is one of the most important factors affecting the search ranking. Depending on the existing ranking, the seo agency will also do link building for their client, which will usually help in increasing traffic to the website. The charges will usually vary depending on the number of backlinks provided.

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