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A quick google search on ‘pest control’ and you will come across dozens of pest control businesses in Adelaide. With so many options available, it makes choosing the right one a difficult task indeed. How are you able to differentiate the reliable ones from those who are in it just to earn a quick buck? Here are our top things to look out for when looking for a reliable inspector in for building and pest inspection Adelaide.



One of the first things you should do is look up reviews and ratings on pest control businesses around Adelaide. With websites like Yelp and Google that are platforms for everyday consumers to rate and review services, it makes it easy for you to get a rough idea of how well this business does in the eyes of the general public. Good businesses are often highly rated with plenty of customer reviews left for all to see. Those with poor ratings or reviews are often a red flag that you should avoid.



The amount of experience a particular business has is key. Make it a habit to spend some time on the company website to learn more about the business. Try looking for information on certifications and how long they have been in the business for. Reliable businesses are always boasting about how long they have been in the business and the various certifications that they have gathered over the years.



Once you have narrowed down a few businesses, it’s time to request for quotes on prices for the same kind of job that is to be done. This is where most people would go for the cheapest available option on the table. It’s important to understand that price isn’t always a great indicator of the quality of service being provided. Cheap ones don’t necessarily mean the best quality of work so it’s important to not base judgment solely on price alone.

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