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Onion rings are a timeless classic which many people will enjoy. They are often served at bars and restaurants, sometimes as an appetizer for the guests. But the onion rings can be made at home in the kitchen setting. The beer battered onion rings are going to be easy and fun to make as well. The few ingredients combine together well for a memorable dish to make. A new cook can learn a few skills which will be beneficial to them in real time. The beer battered onion rings have a lot of flavor in them. That will make them a big hit with the right group of people too.The first step will be gathering together all the right ingredients. Slice the onions in to ring shapes so they are easily fried in a pan. Use vegetable oil or another oil which will make frying much easier too.


The beer batter can be whipped together in no time flat as well. The flour and milk combine in a bowl to make the basic mix. Then add some eggs to provide a thicker consistency to the batter. The beer batter is complete when a good beer is added to the mix. Australian guests will enjoy Foster’s, which comes in a large size can. Add an appropriate amount of beer, without diluting the batter too much before dipping.The cooking process will be simple when the batter is made. Take the onion rings and dredge them in the batter. Heat the oil to a boiling hot temperature in a frying pan as well.


The onion rings should be well coated in the beer batter mixture. Then the dredged onion rings can be set in a frying pan with some tongs. Use the tongs to turn the onion rings while they are cooking. The onion rings shouldn’t take too long to cook, but make sure they are golden brown at the end. Don’t overcook the onion rings and make the batter stick to them. That will produce some great onion rings which are fun to eat. Lay out a sheet of napkins to rest the cooked onion rings. That will dry them and help them complete the cooking process. The onion rings should be brown, but not burnt when they are finished. Give them some time to cool before they are served.Guests will undoubtedly ask questions about the beer battered onion rings. How to make beer battered onion rings is a top question for them. The cost of the ingredients will be quite low as well. The onion rings are going to cook thoroughly before they are served. The onion rings are a popular request for a lot of guests. They make for the perfect appetizer before a main course is served. The onion rings are served along with a pitcher of beer. Foster’s beer is very popular in Australia these days. Buy the ingredients ahead of time to keep in the kitchen. The project will work when all ingredients arrive.

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