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The business side of betting sites has become increasingly competitive, and that’s good news for Australian bettors. The number of choices is steadily increasing, and there’s a lot to be said for the number and range of selections that are available.

But there’s a lot to be said for an old standby, and that’s where ubet bonus bets comes in. The company has a history that dates back to 1881, but its ubet’s performance and upgrades in the last five years that have been especially impressive. If you’re asking the question “is ubet a good platform to bet on?” the answer is a resounding yes.

Many of ubet’s features were updated when the company was purchased by the Tatts Group, which holds licenses in multiple territories. ubet is totally Australian-owned, and its solid historical foundation separates it from the many sites that have been formed in the last decade or two.

So let’s dig into some of the specifics. Betting experts agree that ubet’s biggest strength is in horse racing. The site offers plenty of expertise and opinions from Australia’s top tipsters, including David Gately, Ian Humphries and many others with a long and outstanding track record.

ubet also allows members to see race action while its happening. Not many Australian betting companies offer live streaming, but ubet does, with all races shown live on Sky Racing.

International races are part of the package, too, so ubet definitely has the wide world of horse racing covered across the board.

In addition, the site also offers solid expertise on soccer, golf, cricket and other sports, so if you’re looking to learn more and improve your results in a given area there’s plenty of info to help you on ubet.

The site has also modernized its access to several essential features. National regulations prevent ubet from offering live betting, but the site includes a running line of prices, and the structure of the site makes it easy for members to place bets on their own.

ubet’s odds are considered solid by experts, although the site doesn’t offer quite as many sports as some of its competitors. But the prices and lines are hard to beat, with ubet undercutting the odds of many of those same sites by a considerable amount. The horse racing odds are similarly excellent, making it hard to go wrong if your primary interest is betting on the ponies.

The site does offer a solid array of choices for payment and banking, and the customer service gets high grades as well. ubet offers 24/7 phone access for members, so if any issues with bets, banking or lines its relatively easy to get things fixed straightaway. All of which makes ubet a great choice for bettors looking for a wide range of features and premium excellence in horse racing.


[Note…I stuck with lower case usage for ubet because it was that way in your instructions. Also wrote a little extra, hope that’s ok.]

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