When your Lotus Notes client crashes you normally have to reboot your PC. It's very annoying.
Well.. this program allows you to clean up the Windows processes that hang around when your Lotus Notes client crashes so that you can start Lotus Notes again without restarting your PC.

See StopNotes for similar interactive and command-line version.

Download KillNotes (Size 10 KiB)


R5, R6, R7


  • Start Lotus Notes again without restating the PC.
  • Can be used to stop a frozen Lotus Notes program.
  • Suitable for R5, R6 & R7 clients.


Place the KillNotes.exe file anywhere on your PC.


When your Lotus Notes client crashes, run the KillNotes.exe program. A dialog box will show you how many processes were cleaned up. Click on OK and restart your Lotus Notes client.


This program was written by an unknown author. Whoever you are, a very big THANK YOU !