Notes Password Recovery

The Notes Password Recovery utility allows you to recover a forgotten password from a Lotus Notes ID file.
You have a choice of using either:

NEW Notes Password Recovery now supports Lotus Notes clients 5 until 8.5 FP1 all from one install package.

Depending upon the version of Lotus Notes client used, it can perform around 85,000 password combinations per minute on an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz CPU using the Brute Force search.

Download Notes Password Recovery v4.0.3.34 (Size 2,493 KB) MD5 Hash = 97c6272fb9bc09466e56c45b42197cf5
Shareware 15 day trial
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R8.5 FP1, R8, R7, R6.5, R6, R5
Read how to get Notes Password Recovery working with older Lotus Notes clients

Notes Password Recovery



Dictionary Search Method:

Brute Force Search Method:

Guess Password Method:

Allows you to enter what you think the password could be. The password entered will automatically be tested for the following variations:

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP1+

A fast CPU is desirable in order to recover passwords faster.
Due to the limitations imposed by the security features of the Lotus Notes client,
this application is not multi-threaded and will only run on one logical processor.

Memory: 1GB minimum although dependent upon operating system requirements.
Disk Space: 15MB free disk space.

Lotus Notes client must already be installed locally and configured.
Releases supported for Notes Password Recovery is R5 to R8.5 FP1 (32-bit only)
(No support for R8.5.1 or above)
Read how to get Notes Password Recovery working with older Lotus Notes clients


  1. Run the installer.
  2. Accept the licence agreement.
  3. Install the program in either the default path or in a new directory of your choice.

On Windows 7 and Windows Vista, if you have User Account Control (UAC) active and you are not an administrator of the PC then you will be prompted to enter the administrator password to begin the installation.


Limitations of the Unregistered Version:


Use of this software is strictly limited to those people who have genuinely forgotten the password for a vital ID file. This software is not to be used for any form of illegal activity. The author is not liable in any way for its misuse.

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