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For Australian homeowners, timber flooring represents an excellent choice, regardless of whether the house is new or the flooring is being redone.

But the sheer number of available choices can be daunting. Australia is blessed with a wide array of timber types when it comes to flooring, and they come with a number of different advantages.

Let’s start with the basics. Timber flooring at the Blue Mountains is both attractive and durable, and its easy to clean as well. The array of styles is the icing on the cake, so we’ll start with some of the basic selections.

For indoor flooring, the most common species are blackout, spotted gum, and three types of oak—Tasmanian, European and American. We’ll also throw in several other timber types as well, just to give you an idea of the variety that’s available.

Start with blackbutt. The name may sound off-putting, but this a lighter, even texture flooring with a grade that is generally straight. Compare that with a more exotic Australian wood like Red Ironbark, a dark native hard wood with a rough-hewn grain that can also be used in external structures.

Spotted gum, meanwhile, offers more color, along with a rippled grain that can also be stained or polished to enhance the effect. And if you’re looking for something even splashier, you might want to consider brush box, which can vary from grey to brown in a variety of different hues.

Finally, cypress pine is yet another timber species that offers multiple colors, ranging from yellow and orange to a lighter brown.

While it is possible to choose by species, its also more important to be aware of some of the significant parameters that come with timber flooring.

Specifically, this can be boiled down to several factors: the grade of the floor boards, the width and finish, and of course the aforementioned color. The grade refers to the number of knots and veins in the wood, which is part of what gives the floor its character.

There are two types of timber, solid and engineered. Unlike laminate flooring, both types will have a firm, solid feel that can contribute considerably to the beauty and elegance of your home.

All of these things must be carefully considered, and ss you can see, there’s no one best choice. The selection can be boiled down to matching up the info presented here with the style of your home, your budget and the various advantages provided by the different kinds of timber.

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