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A gaming mouse is crucial for any PC gamer. There is absolutely no way a gamer could keep up with his competition whilst using a standard computer mouse. Gaming mice were made for a reason, they were made to help the gamers have – a more responsive gameplay, optimised performance and a more comfortable experience.

On the other hand, a standard computer mouse was made for standard everyday use, a gaming mouse is meant for serious gamers looking to optimise their experience and skill. In this article I will go over – the benefits of using a gaming mouse, how it compares to using a standard mouse and why every serious gamer should purchase a gaming mouse.

Razer Mamba Elite, a gaming mouse


The benefits of using a gaming mouse are as follows:


High DPI –

Gaming mice these days accompany a very high DPI – (dots per inch), this plays an important role in the computer-mouse response rate. A high DPI means for heightened mouse sensitivity, meaning the player can move the move cursor over a great distance whilst barely moving the mouse itself. This means for less overall work, and it greatly reduces the boundaries for movement limitation.


Enhanced polling rate –

The polling rate is the connection between the computer and the cursor. The polling rate specifically is referred to the number of times the computer locates the cursor from the mouse. This is a constant check made by the laptop/computer to make sure the cursor is in the right place in correlation with the mouse. Older computers may give of a low polling rate meaning there may be consistent problems with the mouse/cursor. This is a no-no during gameplay.


Increase in comfort –

One of the biggest differences between a standard mouse and a gaming mouse is the feel. They are each designed a little different, but all designed with the intention to create a unique gaming experience. There’s nothing worse than being distracted during gameplay by an uncomfortable mouse. All gaming mice are differently shaped which leads to a big variety of choice when making a purchase.


Faster response rate –

One of the most important qualities for any gamer in the world. A fast response rate means for less lag, a reduce in syncing problems and an overall better game-play experience. When referring to a gaming mouse, the increased response rate is mainly due to the increased DPI – as mentioned earlier. A mouse with a low DPI will cause all kinds of lag issues for a gamer, which is why gaming mice come fully equipped with a high DPI, so you never have to worry about experiencing these kinds of issues.


Why every gamer should purchase a gaming mouse –

Keeping the above benefits in mind, every serious or soon to be serious gamer should absolutely be considering purchasing a gaming mouse. The benefits that accompany a gaming mouse’s performance far outweigh the list shown above. Let me tell you how using an ordinary mouse for very demanding games may ruin your gameplay.

Standard mice come with a standard laptop/computer for a reason. The standard mouse is meant for everyday use such as internet browsing, articles and written posts, social media and more. A standard mouse is not equipped to be able to run very demanding and complex games. Plugging a standard mouse into a gaming laptop is just like an untrained soldier running onto the battlefield.


This is where gaming mice come in. Gaming mice are equipped to deal with the logistics and complexity of a gaming device. A great example of a high-quality gaming mouse is Viper – by Razer. Razer is a high-quality gaming brand that specialise in the design and creation of several different gaming laptops and mice. Razer Gaming Mouse are high-end but also rated as one of the best gaming brands out there today. This is a great brand to check out if you are serious about computer gaming.




Conclusion –

A good gaming mouse is without question, essential for any serious gamer out there looking to optimise their experience. They come equipped with numerous qualities which make them stand out from standard mice. With a good gaming mouse, you can expect a comfortable, lag free, maximised gaming performance.


The gaming mouse for every computer gamer is their gun on a battlefield, the better the gun the better you will perform. There is a wide array of gaming mice out there which means there is a perfectly suited mouse out there for everyone.

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