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How to avoid being scammed by a plumber?


Usually, the average plumber you reach via the phone is from your location and will typically give you an honest, fair deal. You should, however, be cautious of those that may want to take advantage of your limited knowledge of faucets, pipes and gas installation in Williamstown. Here are some tips you can use to avoid being scammed by a plumber;


Know precisely what you want.

Most plumbers will try and make the job more demanding so that they can get the chance of charging you more. Most times is when you may not be requiring any of these additional services. Before giving the contractor a call, try and have a list of what exactly you need to be fixed. Also, carry out some research to figure out what the job should include. You can try checking out do-it-yourself websites for they can be a source of valuable information.


Directly call the contractors.


Try and avoid working with that call you no matter how competent they may sound. It is important you call the contractor and interview them and not them continually calling you. Those who were constantly trying to reach you on the phone need the work for some apparent reason. Work with the contractor who doesn’t show such characteristics.


Check references.


Once you finally get the plumber who matches your interests, ask for their references and check through. If you find out that they have no references that should ring a bell, once you get the references, go ahead and call a few of them to confirm the quality of work the contractor performs.


Finally, get a Bid and Contract.


When the plumbing contractor comes to your home to give you a quote, ask for a written statement about the estimate and ensure it has the contractor date and sign on it. This will help you compare different bids from different contractors. It also ensures that the contractor remains bound to the initial agreement and cannot raise the charges later.


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