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Cardboard is a cheap, versatile, and environmentally-friendly material. It can be easily cut, folded, glued, and so much more, making it perfect for making a variety of DIY projects. But it’s even easier to make a toy house out of cardboard. Here’s a guide on how to make a toy house out of cardboard, complete with all the details and dimensions you will need. 

Decide on a design 

Kids love playing in cardboard boxes. The flat box shape is easy to manipulate and folds flat for easy storage. Folded cardboard toys are inexpensive, too. You can cut cardboard into a house or any other shape and decorate it using tape, markers, or crayons. To make your cardboard toy, find a cardboard box, cut it to size, and cover it with paper or fabric. Then decorate the box. However, before all that, you still do need to decide on a design that you can be happy with. 

Make the house shape

Making a toy house out of cardboard is easy, but to make it as realistic as possible, you’ll need to make the box house shape. To make a basic toy house, make four equal-sized squares of paper. Cut out a square in the four larger squares that fit the paper’s center. Fold the paper along that square, glue the flaps together, and cut out the shape of the house. Cut a flap that is slightly larger than the bottom and attach it at the bottom so that it fits snugly. Using glue, attach it to the bottom of the house. Cut out a door and windows and glue them to the flaps of the house.

Add the details 

There’s no denying that cardboard toys are super cheap and easy to create, and kids get a ton of value out of them. But have you ever wondered what goes into making a cardboard toy? From coming up with the concept to building it, the fun thing about making a cardboard toy is being able to make it exactly how you want it.

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