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Need to know how to pick the right 4×4 wheels Australia for your 4WD? Although it might seem like a simple thing, there are many factors that you need to take into account.


Choose Your Size Carefully

Size is an important factor when picking the right 4×4 wheels. The size of your wheel will directly impact on several other things about your vehicle, so it’s important to get this one right first time! On top of thinking about tire width and offset, not just diameter, you should also consider clearance.


Know Your Vehicle’s Working Width

Another thing that may be affected by the size of your wheels is the width of your 4×4 vehicle. Now, you should know what working width your 4WD needs to operate in before you purchase any new wheels. If you already own a 4×4 Hub Hub Kit Australia, check with them to see if they can help advise on what wheel will suit, or alternatively search for their website online to get the correct information.

Ensure There Are Adequate Clearances

As well as checking that your new set of wheels does not interfere with other parts of your car (and vice versa) it’s also important to consider clearance while off-road. Just like when picking out tires, there are four things to consider when checking your wheel clearances:

– Offset

– Driving position (consider both the driver and passenger)

– Approach angle

– Departure angle. Make sure you can get in and out of where you’re driving/parking! It’s even worth checking the right offset for both front and rear, just to be sure. You may need to upgrade certain parts of your 4WD before installing new wheels if you don’t have enough clearance already. Think about things like suspension lift kits, external differential lockers, shock absorbers, etc.


Pick A Durable Product

Finally, although it might seem obvious, you’ll want to make sure that your 4×4 wheels are not only the proper size but also durable. Think about wheel materials such as alloy or steel, deadlocks instead of standard wheel nuts, and whether you need wheel caps or center caps. Check with your wheel dealer for more information about these and anything else that might not be immediately obvious.


If you follow the above guidelines when picking out the right shop 4×4 wheels with autocraze Australia, you’ll be sure to get a great set that fits into your vehicle perfectly and will give years of trouble-free service!


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