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Butterfly prawns is considered as the most popular and simplest prawn recipe that you will ever come across as it is a delight for seafood lovers who prefer having prawns in the best possible manner. But for this you will need to find out how are butterfly prawns made so that you will love the entire experience of consuming king prawns in a luxurious manner. This is a delectable starter that is deep fried for getting a golden brown look and it is served along with Sichuan sauce for offering an amazing taste for food lovers.

To look for the best butterfly prawns garlic, you will need to look for the largest prawns or king prawns which helps in easy preparation of the food and for this you will need to do the preparations before time. Only you will need to fry the kind prawns before serving in a hot pan, griddle or grill for making sure that the prawns are cooked properly. Additionally, you will only have to mix soy sauce, wine, garlic, ginger and salt into the prawns before dipping into corn flour for getting an amazing golden brown look to the prawns. After that you need to dip prawns into beaten eggs and coat it with breadcrumbs for making the prawns crispier and golden brown.


The butterfly prawns needs to be served hot after deep frying in oil and it is served with mint sauce so that it will get an amazing taste that will complete the entire recipe in an effortless manner. The wonderful flavor of the prawns is attributed to the batter that is used for coating the prawns so that it will offer the desired taste to the prawns. It can either be used as appetizers or main dish for any occasion, gatherings or celebrations as it is perfect in taste and look.





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