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Ever been bored and felt like there is no place to go? Maybe you are trying every means to burn calories fascinatingly without having to strain, and you are stuck on how best you can do it. Or perhaps you are a game enthusiast but not sure of what game can be amazing. Whatever you choose to do, ensure it is fantastic to continue psyching you up. For the folks busy searching for exciting games or forms of entertainment to enjoy the hours while at home, or for the first-time game embracers and those who already have the passion for embracing different games, we have you covered. If you aren’t sure of where to find amazing games, you don’t have to continue sitting on the couch but instead get up and search ten pin bowling near me and tag your friends to enjoy this fantastic game with you. Strike! Becoming king of the lanes is the enticing phrase tenpin bowling gamers use.

The rules of this game are apparent and depending on an individual’s skills, what cuts across is the aspect of interactive sessions. To give you a glimpse of tenpin bowling, folks have the freedom to pick their favorite games right from their bowling lane. In a nutshell, you can either build a monster or enjoy fairytale games with a great themed background or animated for an hour of endless fun. Many people in Singapore work too hard to sustain their lives, and once in a while, giving yourselves an off from the daily routine is inevitable.

Tenpin bowling accommodates everyone. You have the choice to play across multiple or single lanes, and for the starters and children, you can select bumper lanes. The bowling balls are small, ranging from 6 to 16 pounds of weight. Equally, there is no limitation to players; the game allows up to 15 or more players.

How do you Score in Bowling?

For the starters, scoring in bowling seems difficult to understand. Every game is usually hard to know at the beginning. However, it is not as difficult as you may think. Once you master the game, everything else becomes a walk in the park. Most bowling game centers have a scoring computer; you don’t have to get up to score by yourself. Is this funny? Like in football, even manual scoring is often tricky. The most challenging thing about bowling is understanding when a spare or a strike is scored since the computer does not update them immediately in the scorecards. What is a strike in bowling? When you knock down all the pins on your first ball, you earn a strike. It is hard to understand when the strike has been scored because a player gets the values of their two successive balls as a bonus. What is a spare? If an individual knocks down some pins on the first ball, and the remainder gets knocked in the second ball, the score is known as a spare.

The game comprises ten frames which commence with a full rack of ten pins. The rules dictate that a player has two ball deliveries, which entails knocking down as many pins as possible. Easy? In the final frame, the scoring rules change a bit. Here, you will strike or spare a maximum of three deliveries to get a bonus. The good news is, once you strike in the first delivery, you get the opportunity to strike the remaining two.


If you are stuck at home because you don’t know any fascinating game to play with family, friends, and relatives, tenpin bowling is the best deal for you. The rules are simple to follow, and the game becomes more interesting as you play. If you have the opportunity to taste the game in an hourly session, be sure not to quit.

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