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Marc Randolph is a co-founder of Netflix and also the company’s first CEO. He left the company in 2002, about eight years after it was founded. Randolph has since been involved in a number of other startups, including Zappos, which was acquired by Amazon in 2009. Randolph is also an advisor to the startup accelerator Y Combinator.


Netflix is now worth an estimated $60 billion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world. But when Randolph and his co-founder Reed Hastings started the company, they were just two guys with an idea and a lot of ambition.


Randolph has said that he always wanted to be an entrepreneur and that he got the idea for Netflix while working at Pure Atria, a software company where he was the director of product marketing. Pure Atria was bought by Rational Software Corporation in 1997, and Randolph decided to leave the company and start Netflix.

Netflix originally started out as a DVD rental service, but it has since expanded into streaming video. The company has also been very successful in original programming, with series like House of Cards and Narcos.


Randolph is no longer with Netflix, but he is still very involved in the startup scene. He is a mentor at Y Combinator, and he has also been involved in other startups like Zappos, which was acquired by Amazon in 2009.


Netflix is now one of the most valuable companies in the world, and Randolph deserves a lot of the credit for that. In fact, he’s been called the father of online video by several publications. However, he has said that if Netflix were to go public today, someone else would be in his position. He says that the company is much bigger than any one person now and that there are a lot of smart people working at Netflix these days.By reading this article i hope you will be able to tell who is Marc Randolph.

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