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With people in Melbourne and Australia spending an average of one hour and forty-six minutes on social media every day, it has become a daily affair that you cannot forego. No business in the Central Business District can avoid using the digital platform as a part of the marketing strategy.

This is where video production comes into play. Various companies that offer services related to video production Melbourne work with talented teams to produce high-quality videos for brands and businesses.

So what goes in the process of video production by experts?

Ideation, Strategy, and Development

Before producing a video for business, brand, and company in Melbourne, the experts start with the goal of the video. If you are one among the 2,422,404 active companies in Melbourne, Victoria, and other parts of Australia, you would have indeed reached out to companies offering services related to video production in Melbourne for strategizing about marketing your business.

The first question the experts would present you will be the motivation for the video production. Before moving on to the subsequent processes, the experts will hold client meetings with you to discuss various factors like the target audience, secondary goals, uploading platform, budgets, metrics, and more.

Pre- Production Phase

The pre-production phase is when creativity and planning take the lead. The experts in the Melbourne video production companies develop required plans to move further with the production.

You should also remember that this is the phase where you will get a clear idea of the numbers, the budget. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, there was a 14.5% entry rate, a ballpark of 344,000 new businesses set up shop in Melbourne CBD, Melbourne Docklands, St. Kilda, Victoria, and other parts of Australia. It directly points to the mounting competition and financial holdups.

So, work with well-experienced professionals offering high-quality services related to video production in Melbourne to get good value for your money.


Production is where the main film comes to life. This phase can last for a few days or even for a few hours based on the production size. As different departments like camera work, lighting, and directing work in unison to visualize the goals and bring them to life, the timeframe tends to vary.

If the concept calls for an on-location shoot, it takes a lot of work besides just renting the property to shoot the video. If you work with experts from any experienced video production company, they will breeze through this process without any hassles.

An expert can expedite this process from procuring filming permits to dealing with the owners and hiring security.  And this is also the phase where risks like schedule issues, budget overages, and stress can present as hindrances – yet another reason to work with an experienced Melbourne video production company.

Post- Production

Post-production closely follows pre-production when it comes to the timeline of completion. Post-production is the phase where business owners or stakeholders will be on the scene to review and approve edits, final cuts, and revisions.

This phase includes all the processes that come after production, involving experts from a video production company working on graphics and editing. Post-production involves:

  • Visual Effects
  • Picture Editing
  • Adding Music & Sound Editing
  • Graphics & Words
  • Creating Trailers & Social Media Videos

As these processes require impeccable editing and graphics skills and the latest editing software, working with a good video production company from any part of Melbourne gives you an edge over your competitors.

This stage of video production also requires good trust between you and the production company. Once you are content with the final output and give the green light, the experts will prepare it for distribution.


A video can be a success only based on the number of people who get the chance to see it. And this is why it is essential to distribute a video after the production appropriately. Distributing a produced video can mean posting it on YouTube or turning it into a Facebook Ad, using it as television adverts, or playing it on in-store monitors and displays.

Over 79.9% of people in Melbourne and other parts of Australia have active social media accounts, which sums up to a total of 20.5 million people. In this, in 33% of the Australian states, people use social media to look for information about brands and businesses.

With the rise of people’s online presence and their interaction with videos through social media sites, experts work on optimizing the video on different channels to reach a greater audience.

To sum up, video production is not an easy job. It takes the efforts of both human and digital resources to release that beautiful shot that can captivate people across Melbourne.

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