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Cigars are something that has always been popular in all kind of countries, even the most advanced ones like the case of Australia, however, sometimes cigars could be expensive or too weak for some individuals who are looking for other alternatives, and that’s why people decided to adapt to other cultures or method in which they can have more fun in their smoking activity, one of the most popular alternatives to cigar is a blunt wrap, which is something that is very similar to cigars but is not the same as it counts with other composition and method of fabrication, want to know more about it? Then stay tuned.


What are Blunt Wraps?

In simple words, blunt wraps are like traditional cigars that have been rolled out and filled on the inside with cannabis with the purpose of achieving a stronger effect in the individual, and after that, the whole body of the used cigar it’s wrapped out with tobacco-leaf to have better control and handle of the thing while it’s being smoked. These blunts started in New York as a cheaper and more enjoyable alternative to cigars, and is cheaper since the cigar can be the most basic one as it will only be used for the composition and foundation of the blunt wrap, as the most important thing will be the cannabis that will be stuffed on the inside.


The good thing about blunt wraps is the fact that they can be made in different styles, and that’s why you can see some interesting variations in the market (but blunt wraps are most likely made by hand by the individuals who want to taste this brand new experience). For example, one of the most popular and accepted variables of blunt wrap is the one that comes with marijuana instead of cannabis, and obviously, that is something that is not possible in all countries as there always limitations to these products, but as you could expect, these variations are born for the fact that people always stronger essences and power in their smoking experience.

When it comes to health status and possible issues, blunt wraps are surprising safer than traditional cigars for different reasons in recent cancer studios it has been showing and proved that cigars are most likely to cause cancer in the lungs of the individual who enjoys it, but since blunt wraps are made of more natural materials, they cause fewer reactions in the vital organs of the body, and also, let’s not forget that is less addictive and furthermore safer for beginners who just want a more casual approach.


Are They Worth it?

Absolutely yes, but only if you are tired and want to experience other things rather than the traditional cigars, if you are someone who is on the casual side of smoking, then you wouldn’t need blunt wraps at all, however, if you want to change your surroundings and walk out of the comfort zone, then you could start by these blunt wraps as they re a good starting point in the world of addictive substances, just know your limits and be careful.

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